A Peek at his Future

We don't know what E will be when he grows up. We don't know if he will decide to go to college, or a trade school, or end his education after high school. We don't know if he'll get married or have children or be attracted to boys or girls or both.  Because of that, I try not to have expectations for his future.  I know so little about him, how can I choose a future for him?  I'd much rather let him show me where he belongs as he grows up.  

I often say that I don't care much which path he takes, as long as he's mostly happy, kind with people's thoughts and emotions, thoughtful about what he's doing and why, and hardworking in whatever he decides to do.  Basically, be a good person.  

But it is fun from time to time to guess what he might turn out to be like.  There are small quirks in his personality now that could be random and forgotten, or the start of who he becomes as an adult.  Only time will tell, of course, but here's a few of the fun things I've been noticing and thinking about lately: 

E loves artwork.  Although he's picky about it, like I am.  He loves my impressionist artwork I have in the house.  Bright colors, thick brush strokes.  He'll spot them and turn his whole body and all of his attention towards them.  Studying the colors and textures.  It will keep his attention better than any toy.  He also likes to paint at daycare.  Super deliberate, he likes to scratch at the paint with one finger.  No messy hand waving painting for him.  He concentrates and stares down at the paint.  Maybe he'll grow up to be an art curator, or an artist, or he'll just like to be a creator like his mom.  

I've mentioned before that we had an electrician over recently.  E was having a rough night, and so we were walking laps of the house.  Every time I got near the electrician, E would stop whining and watch him intently.  So much so I plopped him on the ground in front of him and he sat there studying him for a while.  It could be just because E likes people, or it could be the first signs of a love affair with electrical work. 

I think I was trying to brush his hair.  It doesn't really need it, because no matter what you do, it pretty much falls perfectly.  But I had the brush out anyway, and then I handed it to him.  Lately when he's holding something like that, he likes to wave it around, rolling his wrist in all directions.  For some reason it reminded me of a baton twirler.  Stick in hand, wrist rolling this way and that.  He was actually quite good at it.  Possibly a skill he'll develop more in the future? 

Just a few tidbits and observations from the past few weeks.  He changes so quickly that I'll probably have completely different observations next week if you ask me. 

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