One Year Ago

One year ago was a Thursday.  I had the day off from work.

One year ago I woke up and headed to take the first shower like I do every morning, as Tom headed downstairs to get breakfast.

One year ago I decided that even though I'd originally promised I'd wait until Saturday, I decided to take a pregnancy test.


One year ago I figured I'd look at it after I got out of the shower, but realized before I could even put it down, that I could see a second line.

One year ago we started planning for the future.  We started imagining a small Spearson running around.

One year ago I painted our front door purple.  The door that I refer to as E's door every time I go through it.

One year ago I still didn't believe the first test, so I took another, because i needed to see it printed out for me in words.  And then decided I needed to take two more.

One year ago we had no idea what was coming.

Life looks a lot different than it did one year ago.


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