First Week Done

We made it through the week!

And it wasn't that bad.  Going back to work was easier than I thought it would be.  It was like I'd been gone forever and never left at the same time. It was awesome to see all my friends again and catch up with them, and even awesome to get some work done.  It was good to put my brain to use! 

And E loves daycare. He's having so much fun watching the other babies and playing and listening to the songs.  When I picked him up on Monday, after rushing out of work and getting there as quick as I could, he couldn't care less.  I greeted him and rubbed his belly, and he didn't even look up at me.  He was too enthralled watching a boy who was lying next to him. 

He's having so much fun at daycare, he's forgetting to sleep.  Or refusing.  Or too excited to close his eyes because he doesn't want to miss anything!  So that's a bit of a struggle.  By the time he gets home he's so exhausted he alternates passing out and screaming at me that he's tired and mad he's not asleep.  Silly baby.

Which means he goes to bed earlier, which means he has been waking up earlier too.  And that throws off mornings a bit.  But we'll adjust. And we are.  On Wednesday E actually took an hour nap at daycare!! His teachers were so excited and couldn't wait to tell me when I walked in the room. 

So this weekend will hopefully be a bit of a reset, but overall it was a good week.

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