A Sunday Baptism

Baptizing a baby can be a bit nerve wracking.  You never know how a baby is going to react.  Even babies who love bath time might freak out in front of a church.  A baby who usually loves to be held by strangers might suddenly freak out when handed to a minister. 

Personally, I love it when a baby is loud during a baptism.  I like a church that lets children be loud.  To me, a healthy church is one that's full of giggles and exclamations.  However, now that I'm a parent, I know the stress of having a loud baby in church.  Fortunately for us, we didn't have to deal with a loud baby, really.  Sure there were a few screams of excitement, but mostly she was exceptionally behaved. It was awesome.

Being a Godmother is an extraordinary responsibility.  How do you live up to that? How do you even say thank you to someone who blesses you with that honor?  I'm still figuring that out, but I do know that the first step involves showing up, so that's where I was on Sunday.  Giving my support mentally, physically, emotionally.  To both parents and baby. 

I'm so excited to watch both of my Godchildren grow, especially beside E.  They're so amazing, and I couldn't think of better peers for him to look up to.

It was a beautiful day, with beautiful and amazing people... although next time maybe I'll wear blue or figure out the family coordinating outfits better.  I honestly don't think that E has any outfits in his wardobe that coordinates with any of mine.. is that a thing I have to think about now?

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