A Fancy Weekend

We recently had the opportunity to get all dressed up for a family wedding shower!  Apparently the theme of the day was PURPLE! 

We were a bit unsure how the day would go, since we were driving over an hour away, and the shower started only two hours before E's usual bedtime.  So we decided flexibility was the name of the game.  We brought PJs with us in case he wanted to sleep.  If we needed to leave early, we would.

The evening was off to a great start when E decided to nap the entire way there!  Yay for slightly older babies who learn how to nap in the car!!

And just like daycare, we found that E loves parties.  There's so many faces to look at!  And sounds and smells and even a few dogs!  He wasn't even the only baby there, so it was really everything he could have asked for.  He was happy.  All night.  Seriously he just looked around all night wide eyed, and never cried even though he also didn't nap.  He was totally content.

At one point someone asked to hold E, and he happily went to her.  About an hour past bedtime he got fussy, but he let her rock him to sleep and he happily slept in her arms for a bit before it was time to get in PJs and load him into his car seat.

We got home late with a sleepy baby, but it was a great day.  We can't wait to do it all over again when it's wedding time!


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