Non-baby Post!

Bet you didn't expect one of those for a while...

We have a long list of projects on our wishlist of things we'd like to do to our house.  Years and years worth of projects.  I wish I could be working on all of them right now, but with current circumstances, that's just not possible.  In fact I'd pretty much come to terms with the fact that we wouldn't get anything done ever again. (Okay that's dramatic, but maybe for the next few years).

However, this past weekend we were able to make some progress on two not too hard projects that we've been putting off for way too long, but are both life changers.  The first we shared an update on back in March, and then hadn't touched it since then.  But now, we have a fully functioning mudroom closet!

We have hooks to hang coats and places for our shoes and hats and mittens.  It's amazing.  Tom claims NOW he feels moved in.  It only took a year an a half..

The other update was installing a light fixture we had bought MONTHS ago, but never seemed to have time to work on.  Since it involved turning off all the power, we needed to work on it some time when we were both home during the day.  Finally all the stars aligned and we were able to get it done!

It was almost embarrassing how quickly we installed it once we started working on it, but it's done now and we love it.  Especially Tom, who used to hit his head on the one that used to be there. 

Yay for progress!!

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