Growing Too Quickly

I'm surrounded by constant reminders that my baby isn't so little anymore.  "Of course he is," you say, "he's only two months old!"  Yes, but today he put himself to sleep for the third time in a week.  Not an over tired, passed out from exhaustion and crying - we've been there before. This was an, I'm tired, and I'm going to drift off to sleep.  He wasn't in my arms, he wasn't crying, he was just sleepy.

And speaking of in my arms, up until now if he was sleeping in my arms and I put him down, he'd wake up after no more than ten minutes.  Today I put him down and he slept for at least half an hour!

We even took a trip to Target and there were no tears for being in his car seat!

And don't even talk to me about the fact that he's not fitting into his 0-3 PJs anymore and is wearing 3-6 month PJs.

So for now I'm insisting E napon my chest.  There's no better medicine than the weight of a baby sleeping on top of you.

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