A Day in E's Life

Remember when I kept a diary for a full day when I was pregnant?  It was a peek into what early life was like between me and E.  Now that E's physically here, I thought I'd do it again.  Because who isn't curious about what I do all day on maternity leave?? (spoiler alert: it's not that exciting and it's super repetitive). 

Of course unlike the last time I did this, now I can share pictures of everything!  Much more interesting than nonstop shots of my belly...

2:30am: E wakes up hungry for his second feeding of the night. They tell me some day he'll sleep...but not tonight.  The house is dark, the only sounds are the waves of the noise machine and his occasional gulps.


5:10: Our day really "starts" at 5 when Tom wakes up for work. This is when I get my chance to shower and get dressed for the day. E's being fussy but still sleeping, so I'm rocking him in my arms when Tom comes down, but normally he'd be sleeping in his napper. He was up at 4 too, but I got him back to sleep after a brief fit.

6:00: It may seem like we've got it all together. I'm showered and cooking eggs for breakfast. Tom's getting E dressed for the day. And then I realize my pants are on inside out. Tom points out, "Hey at least they're still comfortable!" Small wins.

7:30: Tom's gone and E's down for a nap so I steal a few minutes to get something done one handed. I'd put him down but he grabbed onto my shirt with his tiny fist. Luckily I've gotten pretty good at one handed typing.

8:00: My arm goes numb so E goes in the napper. Maia immediately takes over my lap. I get why so many moms complain of being "touched out."


9:00: E is playing which turns to trying to suck his thumb. He rolls to his side to get a better angle. I swear thumb sucking is going to be what causes him to finally roll over. For now though it's just his side.

10:15: E declares I need to change my shirt as he works on more thumb sucking.

11:00: We head to Target. E smiles at a college girl shopping with her friends, and she shrieks in excitement and declares him a nugget. E accepts this.

12:30pm: Tummy time under protest. Some days he likes it, some days not so much. Not even his favorite book could get him excited today.

2:00: Although I was proud of his earlier nap by himself, it made me freak out that my baby is growing too quickly. So I lie him down on my chest for some cuddles and to my delight he falls asleep.

4:00: More play time. He's super attracted to black and white stuff, so I was annoyed that he didn't have any black and white toys. I finally found this one and bought it for him. He loves it so much he shrieks with joy when I pull it out for him.

5:00: Okay just one more nap on me. Nothing makes my heart melt more. He can learn to sleep alone later.

7:00: E's back to playing with his favorite toy, Tom just got home and I'm heading to bed...while it's still light out. (yay summer...) I swear next time I'm having a winter baby so I'll just hibernate for all of maternity leave. I'll be up at midnight to take over E duty while Tom goes to bed...

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