Where We're At

It's been a long week, and we're spending a bit of time trying to recover from it.

Under normal circumstances, it would have been exhausting.  It started off with a visit from E's other grandparents, and continued with a trip out of the house every day this week, when normally we only leave once.  All three of us are requiring all of the naps to get back to normal!

Wednesday in particular was a long day. I had my postpartum appointment, and took E along with me.  After getting ourselves there, we found out the doctor was running an hour behind, which meant we were there for about two hours.  The good news is that my health has been signed off on, and a plan has been put in place for my next pregnancy since I'll be at high risk for hemorrhaging again.  The bad news is E doesn't sleep well outside our home, so naps weren't really happening.  He managed to fall asleep a few times, but every time we had to get up and move or get in or out of the car, he was woken up again.

So Wednesday night started off with an overtired baby who was also hungry due to a growth spurt.  The night ended with E screaming and spitting up blood, which meant that Thursday started with us at the doctor's again - this time for E.  I'll go through all the details, but he seems to be fine today.

He got a complete physical including pulse rate, O2 levels, blood pressure (which despite being Tom's son, he laughed through) and everything looked good. As a side note our peanut is now clocking in at ten and a half pounds!  I knew he felt heavier!

Although we have some theories, we don't really know why it happened.  Of course it's concerning, but it could just be he was really worked up and screaming for an hour until his throat was raw.  But it could also be something more serious so we're monitoring him closely over the next few days.  There's a special sort of stress that comes with watching your sleeping baby and trying to decide where the line between passed out and lethargic is.

He's also temporarily been put on reflux medicine in case there is bleeding, this will give it a chance to heal.  So if you need us, we're just over here trying to convince E that he wants to swallow his medicine, and not pretend to, only to push it out with his tongue all over me.