Reset Week

After a busy week last week, and a busy one coming up, I decided that E and I could use a quiet week at home focusing on a reset.  We almost went to a movie on Monday, but E had a morning meltdown that let me know it would be a bad idea.  (Of course it was the first movie I was actually looking forward to see... sigh)

Since we'd be home all day, every day, I've been able to really focus on a eat, play, sleep routine.  With his two month birthday creeping up on us, he's finally big enough to attempt a bit of a schedule.  Before this, attempts to keep him awake to play would be met with a four hour nap, and attempt to make him sleep would result in a ten minute nap over six hours. Being a baby is hard, and everything needs to be learned.  Even now, he's still learning how to sleep on his own when he's not in his sleep sack.  He can do about ten minutes on his own, without us to rock him back to sleep.

So this week we've been trying.  He's still not great at it.  He likes to sleep as soon as he's done eating, and he still hates waking up, and loves to eat to ease that hatred of waking.  So sometimes the schedule goes out the window.  But the good news is I'm starting to see signs he's coming out of his second mental leap (wonder weeks for anyone following along at home). Which means our mostly happy baby should be coming back!!

Of course that's all likely to change at his two month appointment when he gets his shots.. but at least he's feeling better heading into it.  We haven't had any more incidents and will probably reevaluate if he needs to be on medicine still, but for now we're happy to take a breath and relax this week.