Naptime Snuggles

It's been a long week which I'll give updates on later, so for now I just wanted to post this quick story I shared on facebook yesterday:

For the first few weeks of his life, E wouldn't let me put him down unless he was in a deep, deep sleep. My days were spent carrying him everywhere I went, including the bathroom. My wrists hurt and my back was sore.

This week E started to let me put him down for small periods. He would happily stay where I put him, entertaining himself, and giving me 10 or 15 minutes where I could get something done.

Today he was happily chattering to himself in his bouncer when he suddenly started screaming. I picked him up and he immediately stopped and started nuzzling. We settled into the couch and he closed his eyes. Little guy was tired and knew he needed his mama to help him fall asleep.

And now I'm getting some much needed snuggles with a baby who's growing way too fast. He already needs me less than he did yesterday, and tomorrow he'll be even bigger than he is now.