How Quickly Things Change

I'm still adjusting to how different my days look now.  No more dressing up in business casual.  No more commuting.  No more meetings and presentations.  No more interacting with other adults.  Instead I'm home all day with this tiny human.  Oddly enough, my days are actually less predictable than they used to be.  

I have no idea how long E will sleep, or where.  If it's going to be a day full of crying, or if I'll be able to get things done.  And I'm still surprised at how quickly things can change.  For example, this was a small chunk of a recent Monday:  

9:00: Feed baby
9:30: Hand off baby to sister, take a shower, get dressed
10:00: Baby is napping alone in bassinet (!)
10:30: Say goodbye to sister and niece
11:00: Baby still sleeping! Eat food, do some dishes, check email, watch some TV
1:00: Baby wakes up hungry, start feeding baby
1:08: Cat throws up on couch
1:09: Stop feeding baby (baby very unhappy, starts shrieking), run to grab paper towels
1:11: Finish one handed cleaning with baby in arms, go back to feeding baby
1:18: Finish feeding baby. Notice baby is damp. Baby peed through diaper. Ignore and burp baby
1:35: Change baby's diaper and outfit
1:37: Put baby on shoulder, baby immediately spits up all down my shirt. Take off shirt and grab new one
1:42: Baby spits up again, all over his new outfit and carpet
1:43: Strip down baby, more one handed cleaning
1:50: Baby gets new outfit
2:05: Baby sleeping again, takes two hour nap

The funny thing was, it was both the most stressful and most relaxing day.  E slept for long period of times and I was able to get a lot done around the house, but the one hour from 1:00 to 2:00 was stressful, busy, surprising, and never ending.

I guess what I'm saying, is there is no standard day anymore.  There is no schedule (yet) or plans, only a general idea of what could happen, outlines of what we'd like to happen