One Month!

As of 6/28/2017

Nick Names: Bubba, Bubby, Buddy
Height: 20 inches (3rd percentile)*
Weight: 8 lbs, 9 oz (13th percentile)*
Head: 15 inches (86th percentile)
Special Outings: First Movie (Cars 3), Hiking at Breakheart, Random Shopping Trips
Visitors: My parents, Aunt Joanie & Brookie, Nicole, Stephen & Alice, Aunt Raina
Loves: Warm baths, Eating, Sleeping in someone's arms
Hates: Being cold, Gas pains


Oh Bubba.  What to say? Somehow a month has gone by.  I'm undecided whether it went fast or slow.  The first two weeks definitely went by slowly.  The past two weeks seem to have disappeared somehow.  Which is probably indicative of how smoothly those weeks went.

This month started out with a lot of chaos and trial and error of getting to know each other.  You figuring out how to eat, us figuring out how to burp you.  As days pass, our confidence all grows, and we settle into life a little bit more. We still have our rough moments, but we're able to handle them a little bit better.

In this month you've had a few visitors, we celebrated Tom's first Father's Day, and we even got out of the house a few times.

Overall this month was about learning to be a family of three (four if you count your big sister Maia). It's been an adjustment, but I think we're figuring it out.  Also an adjustment is learning to be home all day, every day.  It's very weird not having a purpose beyond keeping you alive.  It's a good purpose, but it's still very different than life for the past ten-ish years.  Less free time (which is weird, because you'd think I have nothing but free time), less people to talk to, more time sitting in this house.  Less independence too, since my life is now 100% controlled by you and your cries.  You have the ability to tell me when I can eat, when I can sleep, and when I can go to the bathroom.  Or more accurately, when I'm not allowed to do those things.  Because your needs come first.

I know you've grown, and I know you've changed, but it's hard to notice day to day.  It's impossible to imagine what you'll become in the coming months as you develop into something more than a hungry blob.  You still can't see anything very well, so it's hard to tell if you recognize us.  You have zero interest in the cat, toys, or doing much besides staring at lights or out the window. 

Here's to month 2 - let's see where it brings us!

* We're aware we have a tiny peanut (with a huge head!), and I'll write more about his doctor's appointment later, but our doctor is not concerned with his size at this point.  She says he's doing great!