New Addition


We've been talking about it for a while but we finally did it - we bought a new couch!  One weekend we had no plans and found ourselves couch shopping.  We had realized that if we didn't buy one soon, we'd have to lug a baby with us to the furniture store, and that didn't sound like fun!

Buying a couch is pretty cool these days.  We were able to pick out what type of arms we wanted, what fabric we wanted, what the bottom of the couch looked like, and then we were able to design the exact layout of the couch.  There were some 30 pieces we could mix and match from to make sure the couch fit perfectly in our living room and looked exactly how we wanted it to. 

Once we finalized all of our decisions, we were given an estimated delivery window of sometime in June.  The joke then became what would come first, the couch or the baby?  And then we got an update that the couch would be early!  And so we scheduled it for May 27th, and were both excited to have it set up and ready to go before the baby came. 

We absolutely love it!  We can't wait to enjoy it for years to come.

(We'll just ignore the fact that I was very much in active labor as I was taking these pictures, and the delivery guys were horrified when Tom met them at the door with a "Um just so you know... my wife is in labor right now, so let's do this quckly?)