First Few Weeks

Now that we've been at this for a few weeks, I feel like we can breathe a bit.  Not a lot, but enough.  We still don't know this little guy enough to say we have him figured out, but we know enough to be able to communicate. 

We know that he likes his food.  A lot.  And a late meal will bring on a bright red angry face that shakes back and forth and sounds like a velociraptor.  A pacifier can only sooth the anger for seconds at a time.  Oh and that pacifier, it better be offered just right or it will also get an angry shaky face!

We know that he LOVES sleep.  And waking up makes him mad.  It takes lots of stretches and moans and cries before his eyes even open.  If he could stay asleep forever, he would.  Except when he wants to stay awake for hours longer than a newborn is supposed to be awake.  And then nothing will convince him that he'd rather be sleeping.

We know that he has Tom's hair and skin tone, but my lips, fingers and funny faces. Oh and my infinity for being warm.  That whole dress the baby with one more layer than you thing?  It means one more layer than me, not Tom.  In the hospital they had to have him fully dressed, double swaddled and cuddling with me in order to keep his temperature above 97. 

He's still more blob than person at this point, which is maybe why he tends to get called little guy or bubba more than his actual name, but he certainly is a sweet little blob.  One who can be super alert and loves to hold his head up and look around.  We can't wait to learn more about him!