One More Baby Thing

Little Nomad Baby Mat

One of Tom and my guilty pleasures, is watching Shark Tank.  Usually it's because I like to laugh at the stupid products, but every once in a while we find something amazing.  Like Wicked Good Cupcakes, the cupcake in a jar company that despite being in my backyard, I didn't find until I watched the show.

Admittedly while we've researched a few products, we've never gone out of our way to buy anything from the show.  Until recently.  I don't know if it's coincidence or we're just paying more attention, but lately it seems like there have been a lot of baby products.  One in particular caught our attention.

Now I know some of you think we're crazy (Hi Paul!) but we're in love.  The idea behind the company is to replace the normal ABC kids mats that come in bright primary colors with something that functions the same (soft for kids to play on, easy to wipe clean) but looks much nicer.  Since we've decided to turn our formal dining room into a play room (slash extra diaper changing station and nap room) for now, it seemed like the perfect fit.  Perfect for the function we're looking for, but still fits with the rest of the house, since it's sanwiched between our office and kitchen.

Little Nomad kid mat

Apparently we weren't alone in thinking it was an awesome product, despite the fact it didn't actually get an offer on Shark Tank.  We ordered it in February, and it just showed up to our house this week.  Still, anything that comes before Bubbles works for us.  It fits together like a puzzle which is also awesome (I know, the regular bright kid mats do too) and didn't take too long for me to assemble on my own.

I feel like that room is finally ready for baby Bubbles now! 

Little Nomad baby rug