Happenings Around Here


Well this is weird.  And a first.  

Jumping in your car and glancing in the rear view mirror and noticing there's a car seat back there for the first time is... strange.   

I assume it's only going to get more weird when there's an actual baby strapped in there, staring back at me.  

For now, it's just another sign that life is going to be changing very SOON!  It feels good to check another thing off our list, though, so it's all good things.  Some day this will be totally normal for us.  Might as well get used to it now. 

In other news, spring is finally starting to hit, as evidenced by our newly blooming flowers outside our house.  I think we moved in too late last year to notice them, but they're certainly pretty, and kind of match our door!  And speaking of bright colors, Tom finally got up the courage to order the mysterious "Crunchasaurus" ice cream that he looks at every time but never orders.  Not because he actually wanted it, but more because he was curious what it was.  Well I'm not sure there's ever been something more disappointing than this.  It turned out to be vanilla ice cream with some soggy bunch-a-crunch pieces in it if you're curious.  At least it didn't really turn his mouth blue. 

Also our deer buddies are back!  Not our friend Devin from last fall, but maybe his relatives?  I'm a little worried, since there used to be 3 of them all together, but hopefully their friend was just off on an adventure.  

They're getting closer to us too!  Look how close they are to our back porch.  I think they know we're friends.  We love them, because they're eating the nasty invasive vines in our back yard that have sharp prickers.  Tom said "Aww, it almost makes me not want to kill all the vines because the deer love them so much."  Hopefully the deer will just eat them all for us.  These two definitely need names though.  Suggestions?