Everything's Fine

I debated not writing this post since I didn't want to worry anyone, but this is the reality of pregnancy.  Ups and downs, worries and anxieties.  And I'll spoil the ending again - everything is totally fine and okay. 

Remember when I talked about tracking Bubbles' movements?  Well lately it's been pretty easy because this is one active baby.  When they tell you that you need to feel 10 movements in an hour, I usually feel 10 in 5 minutes.

The past two days though, Bubbles has been pretty lazy.  It's happened in the past too, usually a change in position or something similar is to blame.  But it'd been going on a bit longer than usual, and since I had an appointment today, I decided to mention it to my midwife.  I probably have a bit more anxiety around this than most (for reasons most of you are probably aware of), so I was all about playing it safe.

Which lead to hooking me/Bubbles up to some machines to monitor heartbeat, movements and contractions, as well as an ultrasound to check fluid levels and everything else.

All of the tests came back great, Bubbles is perfect (and still measuring around the 50th percentile) and a "textbook baby" according to everyone who was monitoring me.  Everyone was super reassuring and kept telling me that they absolutely don't mind checking things like this and that I should feel free to ask any time I'm worried. 

So everything is fine, and from the looks of it Bubbles is going to stay put for a while more, which is perfectly okay with us.  We don't mind waiting!