Celebrating Bubbles

After 3 baby showers, I think this baby has officially moved to the spoiled category.  So much so, that Tom suggested putting away some of the toys and stuffed animals for "the next baby."

It does make us feel very loved though.  There have been some amazing groups of people who have pulled together some awesome parties for us, and we're very thankful.  From sheep cupcakes to watermelon/fruit salad baby stroller creations, the creativity is amazing.  Tons of hand made decorations and presents, and lots of thought have gone into these parties.  

We can already tell how much this baby is going to be loved, and it means a lot to us.  Now let's just hope that baby bubbles loves sheep as much as I do, otherwise it seems my collection has just grown exponentially.  


Of course now that all the fun and parties are over, that means all that's really left is to hurry up and wait I guess?  Normally I'd be planning my birthday at this point and coming up with lots of super fun things to do, but I have a feeling this birthday might be a little bit more low key than usual..?


I feel like my upcoming posts are going to be boring and more of the same:  No there's no baby, yes I feel fine, everything is the same as it was yesterday and the day before.  We're just sitting here waiting and getting ready for something there is no way to actually get ready for.  Rinse and repeat.