Ready for Summer!

Or Spring.  Pretty much anything as long as there's no snow on the ground. 

The weather was super nice this weekend, so I suggested that we pull out our newly acquired outdoor furniture.  It's not a lot at this point, and will likely be upgraded over the years (especially if we rebuild our deck at some point), but for now it's enough to get us outside.  

So here's our completely un-exciting before and after for the back porch:

And the weather was so nice we were able to enjoy the yard a bit too.  Ignore all the leaves on the yard - we're working on it.  As in every time we rake them the wind blows more from the neighbors wood's into our yard. 

Although I did realize that I am not meant to be pregnant in the summer.  Everything everyone says about how miserable it is - it's true.  Yay for mostly being pregnant in the winter!