Pregnant Yoga

Are there any two words you can string together that make you think of a more awkward and ungraceful thing? 

As awkward as it is, I've been going to a yoga class once a week, since I'm on restricted activity and am pretty much not allowed to do anything more active than that.  I actually started back in January, when I wasn't very big at all, and it was pretty much just "easy yoga."  Now, however, it's started to get a bit more difficult.  The bigger the belly gets, the harder it is to bend over or even balance yourself in some of the poses.  

The best part of class, though, is the first 15 minutes or so.  We all go around the room, introduce ourselves and our babies, and then complain about everything that hurts and all the awful things people have said to us during the week.  It's a nice catharsis and bonding time, but also allows our instructor to cater the class to whatever ailments we're currently suffering from.  

Speaking of suffering, I've been feeling okay this week... (knocking on ALL THE WOOD!).  It seems like we've fallen into a pattern where either Bubbles or I will have a growth spurt and all of a sudden there will be new symptoms or sensations and we'll have a very bad week or so.  Then we slowly adjust, and things calm down a bit.  I'm still in pain, but I'm now used to this pain, so now I can deal with it until a new one comes along... 

Every day I survive makes me more confident that I can make it through another one haha.