Easter Weekend

Linzy was here for a visit recently, probably the last guest we'll have before the baby gets here!  We didn't really do too much, despite it being Easter weekend, mostly because I get about 10 minutes of energy at a time, and then all I want to do is sit down haha.  Sunday Tom and I went to a sunrise service while Linzy and Maia slept in, and then we spent the afternoon outside enjoying the weather.

However, our favorite part of the weekend was of course a trip to the famous Jordan's!  I suggested a trip there half as a joke, and half because I wanted ice cream, and there's a Richardson's ice cream stand there.  It's also kind of a spectacle, and I love showing Vermont people all the crazy spectacles we have in the big city haha.

We ate lunch first, and then headed for ice cream and to watch the fountain show.  I swear they were more excited than they look in the pictures. 

However, even the actual furniture turned out to be a big draw too.  It is a pretty cool store, and they have pretty much everything.  I think the rug room might have been Linzy's favorite.  I caught her causing trouble and roping Tom into it as well.

Overall it was a nice, quiet weekend, but definitely weird to think that the next time we'll see Linzy, we'll be parents!