Are We Out of the Woods Yet?

Taylor Swift anyone? 

Okay this post isn't actually about Taylor Swift, although if that disappoints you, check this one out.

So a while back I briefly mentioned that we've been monitoring my placenta (my placenta? the baby's placenta?) because the positioning wasn't ideal.  Usually by the time the baby is ready to be born, it moves to a better position and everything is a go.

In some situations it doesn't move, or doesn't move enough, and delivery can become dangerous for baby and mom.  In those cases bed rest is usually recommended, as is a c-section.  Well I recently had an ultrasound to check and see if things had improved since last check.  The answer is, kind of.  Turns out, we are not quite out of the woods yet, and I'm still considered borderline.

We're also not freaking out either.  We still have quite a bit of time in which the placenta could move more.  I've been scheduled for more follow up appointments and ultrasounds to monitor things, and I'm sure in the end we'll come to a decision that will be safe and works for everyone involved.  The last ultrasound also discovered an additional complication with the placenta that could cause more complications later on, but again something to worry about later.  It's actually something that most people don't discover until labor or after delivery, so knowing ahead of time actually gives us the most options and ability to prevent complications.  

In the meantime, baby bubbles looks and sounds great, and is growing according to schedule.  And Tom and I have been doing everything we can to make sure we're prepared in case we happen to get word that bubbles will show up early for some reason.   However, I have the feeling that bubbles will be in no rush and we'll end up going way past our due date haha.  (Assuming bubbles takes after me!)