Kick me baby one more time

At this point in my pregnancy, I guess the best way to describe how I'm feeling, is that I'm adjusting.  This has become my new normal, and I've just accepted it.  It's like it my mind I'm going to be pregnant forever, and will always have to deal with these symptoms. 

I suppose that's good, because it means I haven't had any melt downs or bad days in a while, but it also means I'm in complete denial that this pregnancy will end, and rather soon.  

It's not that I'm not prepared for it, because I am.  We've got all the gear, everything is set up, I've been going through all the steps I'm supposed to, it just hasn't sunk in that all this preparation is going to pay off.  Soon. 

The one thing I won't miss is all of the constant comments on my body.  I knew it was coming, I fully expected it, but it still shocks me how inappropriate people are.  I know it's become socially acceptable to comment on (and try to touch!) pregnant women, but it's really not okay.  You wouldn't go up to your non pregnant friend and tell them that hey, your face really isn't that fat yet!  Or you don't look healthy/the way they're expecting you to look right now, are you sure everything's okay?

It obviously also depends on who I'm talking to.  Do I mind if my best friend says something?  Not so much.  A random co-worker I see twice a year?  Yeah that's not okay. So in case you're not sure what category you fit into, or if you happen to know other pregnant women right now, here's what you should say:  "You're looking great!"  And that's it.  Move on.

But more than anything, it's almost freaking me out how much I'm getting used to the freaky symptoms and slithery baby crawling around under my skin.  It's so not normal, and yet for me it has become normal.  Freaky.