Two Quick Stories

... that have nothing to do with each other. 

#1 - Country Living

I was driving home the other day, winding along our small country road, singing along to Mumford & Sons "Little Lion Man"

But it was not your fault but mine
And it was your heart on the line
I really f*cked it up this time
Didn't I, my dear?
Didn't I, my deeeeear?


and then I slammed on my brakes as this only slightly older than Bambi looked up at me terrified. As I debated whether I should honk my horn or flash my lights to warn oncoming cars, he spun in a confused circle, and then jumped into the woods. And just like that, he was gone.

#2 - An ode to my hero, a girl with more gumption than me

It was a Thursday afternoon, around 5:15 pm, and we were filing onto a crowded Orange line train. Usually enough people get off at this stop that I can easily grab a seat, but not today. And today just happened to be one of those days where I was feeling terrible. My head was pounding and light headed at the same time. My belly was cramping, I was tried, and feeling dehydrated. I scanned everyone sitting down, trying to make eye contact with someone, but everyone was distracted by phones and books.

I accepted my fate and settled in standing near a pole.

"Would you like to sit down?" I hear the question and look over at you. You're college aged or slightly older, and are also standing. I kind of nod, but look around and don't notice any open seats that I think you might have spotted.

"Hold on, I've got you."

And you walk off towards the designated seats for disabled/handicapped/someone who needs it seats. You tap a rather large man on the shoulder and ask him if he'll give up his seat, and gesture over your shoulder at me. He quickly jumps up, and I make my way over to the seat.

"Wow, thank you! Thank you both so much!" I stammer as I take my seat.

I then lose you both in the shuffle of the crowd, but I can't stop thinking about you both. That was so awesome and brave to go out of your way to get me a seat like that! I definitely don't have the confidence to do that. I also appreciate the man who gave up his seat too. There were no sighs or complaints, he happily gave it to me. Seriously, it made my day, and made a long T ride so much easier. 

PS - Remember that post from last Wednesday that happened to show a bunch of snow on the ground?  Yeah, it's all gone.  Unfortunately it's actually frigid cold out right now, but hopefully that will go away soon too!