The Long Overdue Basement

It always seems to happen this way.  Whenever I get too confident in how easy something is going to be, it turns into something way more complicated. (Hello diabetes test!)  So of course when the basement was supposed to take 3 weeks, but after the first week it looked like it would be done in a week and a half, that meant that OF COURSE it was going to take 5 weeks.  Not because there was that much work, but because that's just what happens.  People disappear, problems pop up and the electrician needs to come back THREE times.  

Even once it was done, it took almost a full week for the team to come back and pick up their extra supplies that they'd left all over our garage.  In my parking space.  Which this ever-expanding pregnant lady got to maneuver around every day.  Yay! 

But finally, FINALLY, it's done!  

Let's start with the stairs leading down to the basement.  I might be the most excited about these haha.  On the left you can see that we started with unfinished plywood stairs with stick on carpet pieces (that were always coming unstuck and becoming a slipping hazard). We just had the contractors finish them off with carpet, but they're so plush and comfortable, and finished looking!  It makes me want to paint the walls or put in a fancy banister.  We actually did add some lighting at the top of the steps (you might notice the picture on the right looks brighter) so the stairs were less dark, and more safe. 

Ooh plushy stairs!

I love the dark blue color too.  When we were doing our final walk through with the project manager, he said "Yeah, I really wasn't sure when you picked that color.  I was worried... but hey, it looks good!"  Gee thanks dude that I wouldn't have asked for an opinion anyway... how kind of you... 

Now to the rest of the basement.  If you need a reminder of what it used to look like, you can find it here, or just picture a normal cement basement.  With insulation sticking out everywhere!  We've replaced that with drop ceilings (with recessed lighting!), actual walls, and a tiled floor.  Our radon pipes had to stay, well because they're super important, but ignoring those I think everything looks amazing!  

Black Dog Builders basement finishing system
Finished basement

Everything is way cleaner, more put together, and great for storage now!  We're still working on getting some shelves and things, but already the area under the stairs is a much improved space for our Christmas decorations. 

Admittedly things are lacking a bit in color down there now, but I have plans to add some rugs, a fake plant or two, and a few other things to make it look better.  Although at the end of the day it's pretty much just a mudroom/storage/gym for us, so it doesn't need to be that pretty.

Ikea mudroom lockers

Speaking of mudroom, we've made progress, but we're still working on finalizing everything there.   We bought some ikea book cases and Tom and I have been slowly turning them into coat/shoes lockers.  

I think Tom was a little skeptical of my vision at first, but I think he's fully on board now that you can kind of see everything start to take shape.  We still need to anchor them to the walls and each other, install a shelf or two, add some hooks, and maybe eventually a cushion for the bench, but it's getting there! 

Who knew you could be so excited for a place to hang your jacket!?