Way back when, Tom and I had plans to go away somewhere warm and tropical this winter.  And then zika happened, and I was pregnant, so that plan was nixed.  We started researching alternative warm places that were a bit safer.  Plans were made, destinations decided on... and then I got tired and never booked anything.  It just seemed like so much work to fly so far and do so many things, especially when the things I'd really want to do, I wouldn't be allowed to because of bubbles.  So eventually plan D was implemented, and we combined a weekend away with a staycation.

Enter our weekend in Copley Square.  

So we might not have traveled very far, but it's an area that we both love, and haven't spent much time in, despite being in the city every day.  It used to be I spent almost every waking hour there.  I went to college within walking distance, I worked there for two years, our church that we used to attend was located there... we knew all the restaurants and shops and all the baristas by name.  (Okay so I still know a lot of the baristas by name - I literally walked into a coffee shop I hadn't been inside in 2 years, and the person taking my order was a guy I went to high school with)

Tom and I decided we hadn't really spent much time there since we got married a year and a half ago, so it was time to go back.  I booked us a room in the Westin, and while I would have liked the weather to be as nice as it was last weekend, it actually worked out okay since the Westin is connected to both of the malls in Copley.  We never had to go outside, but there was plenty to do. 

We did some shopping, ate at some of our favorite places, explored the new Boston version of Eataly (tip for those of you going, the crepe place is located on the bottom level by the Boylston street entrance.  It's hidden!), and even rented a movie in our hotel room.  Overall it was a low key, relaxing weekend.  Just what we needed!  We even made it back to Old South for a visit, although unfortunately timed on their annual meeting Sunday, so we didn't have a ton of time to catch up with people.  Maybe next time (when we're a family of 3!??).