A Day of Bubbles

27 Weeks

So I'm getting to the point where I'm supposed to be counting kicks and such.  More importantly, though, is figuring out if your baby has a schedule, so you'll know at what points of the day to expect more movement than others.  The theory is then if something is wrong, you're more likely to notice. 

In preparation, I decided to try and pay attention for a full day.  At my last appointment they told me I shouldn't go more than an hour without feeling movement (unless I'm not paying attention).  So for anyone who might be interested, here is a breakdown of Bubble's day:

5:13: My alarm is about to go off, and I’m awake.  I’m on my side, sort of leaning on my belly.  Bubbles doesn’t like it and is kick, kick, kicking in that spot.  It feels super weird and my whole side vibrates every time.  I get up and start running around which either puts bubbles to sleep or just distracts me enough that I don’t notice movements.

6:15:  An accident on 93 makes me late, and I catch a later train than I’m used to.  Still able to get a seat easily, since I’m the first stop.  Bubbles has been pretty quiet

6:30: I get kicked, once, hard.  Bubbles is awake.

6:41: I’m walking towards my office, and my stomach is tight and uncomfortable.  It’s still hard to tell sometimes whether it’s mild BH or just a baby butt in a weird position.  I feel my belly a bit and I can feel a thin limb shaped object near my belly button.  It moves a bit when I poke it.  It freaks me out and I stop touching my belly.

7:00:  Sitting at my desk eating breakfast.  My stomach is touching the desk, and I can feel something rolling from one end of my belly to the other where it touches the desk.  This feels creepy too.  At least the limb near my belly button has moved away.

7:12: Pop pop pop

7:13: Huge kick that makes my entire belly vibrate and pop. I put my hand on my stomach and there’s definitely something moving in there.

7:22: Random vibrations and subtle movements happening constantly… every time I think bubbles has stopped moving, if I pay attention I notice the small movements.

7:38: My arm is by my side.  It gets kicked.  Rude.

8:11: Second breakfast.  Weird body parts are pressing against my belly again.  Not kicks, but definite movement.

9:00: More twitches, not too many kicks. If I stay still and concentrate, I can feel slight movements every 30 seconds or so.

9:22: When I’m sitting down, if bubbles is hanging out lower, I’m more likely to feel movements where my belly touches my legs.  It’s super weird because I can feel something slithering around, pushing against my skin.  It totally feels like a snake, which is to say, not cool. 

9:45: Gentle kicks or pops.  Usually around my belly button.  It seems to be a favorite hang out. Every once in a while I'll feel a spot get hard for a second or two.  Butt? Head?  Something. 

10:10: I think my belly just shivered.  Or bubbles rolled over.  Same difference. PS, who are the women who think this feels amazing?? It's like when your eye won't stop twitching.  Or you have a muscle twitch in your leg, except it's in your stomach.  It controls your every thought and all you can focus on is wanting it to stop.  It's like your stomach constantly feeling that roller-coaster drop.  Spasm. Spasm. 

10:41:  Know what else is fun?  Getting kicked at the bottom of your cervix.  It's like an electric shocks that reverberates down.  Right now I'm getting punches and pops everywhere.  So far bubbles is avoiding my bladder, which is another fun place to get hit... 

11:04: Someone just stretched big and popped out my belly a bit. And then immediately quieted down and stopped moving. Side note, I'm so tired right now I'm debating taking a nap head down on my desk.  Must be almost time for first lunch. 

12:38: I didn't notice any movements over lunch, but I was walking around, chatting with people, and not paying attention.  I'm starting to feel slight movements again.  Not kicks, more like shifting positions.

1:02: I think I was just elbowed. Still not bouncing around.. just sporadic movement. I think bubbles is sleeping. 

1:06: Okay now bubbles is awake. Definite, bigger movements. Especially when I lean forward and constrict the available space. 

1:23: Was making some phone calls (stop acting so shocked, Tom!) and didn't notice any movement during the calls, but as soon as I was off, I could feel small movements. 

2:04: Just spent some time talking to a coworker.  Twice during that time I was kicked so hard that I actually said "ow!" mid conversation.  I was leaning against the wall separating our desks and got punched enough I think bubbles hit the wall. 

2:35: Went for a coffee run with co-workers.  No movement felt (not unusual when I'm walking around - either because I'm not paying attention or because it makes bubbles sleepy), but lots of cramps/tightness/stretching.  

3:18: Because I felt nothing on my walk, I pay close attention, and feel bubbles moving around.  Nothing big, just pops here and there. 

3:44: Left work "early" (9 hours after I got there).  Bubbles is still pretty quiet, but moving occasionally. 

4:54: Home. Bubbles was pretty quiet on T (although I was reading), but as soon as I get in the car, movement always picks up. Usually either where my belly meets my legs and bubbles is getting squished, or near my belly button. Always there. Kick, kick, kick.

5:08: Lying on couch. Feeling pops here and there. Entering bubbles favorite time of day

5:32: Kicks here and there. Rolls, frequent movement

6:35: Woke up from nap. Twitches the whole time

7:03: Quick trip to Lowe's with Tom. Twinges the whole time. Easily ignored but there when I pay attention

7:51: Back on the couch and getting kicked. The combination of lying down and being quiet makes movement super obvious. I can feel some pretty big kicks and rolls.

8:42: I'm feeling some big kicks so I try to see if Tom can feel. Bubbles immediately stops moving.

Time for bed! (For us anyway...bubbles will be awake most of the night...)

Lesson of the day: If I'm paying attention, bubbles moves pretty much all the time.  Guess we've got an active baby!