The 2nd Trimester is Boring

23 Weeks

...which is largely a good thing.

But it's definitely the "forget you're pregnant" time.  Symptoms are less frequent (they tend to pop up once a week as opposed to daily, so it seems super easy to me now).  Sleeping is still fairly easy.  I'm not huge and my maternity clothes are all super comfortable. 

I just don't feel pregnant.  Some of you are of the opinion that's because I'm in denial, which very much could be the case.  Yes I can feel the baby moving and kicking, but because it doesn't feel like a baby to me, it's hard to connect the two.  It just feels weird and not cool.  Hear that baby?  NOT COOL.  Whatever you're kicking, I don't like it!

But I am feeling like we're hitting a groove with this pregnancy.  We've made some plans, we've attended some classes, and we're feeling okay.  I'm not feeling guilty about what I'm eating or not eating, how much weight I've gained, my caffeine intake, or any number of other things that people seem to have opinions on.  We've even started to gather some of the stuff we know we're going to need eventually.  I'm feeling okay and kind of on top of things right now!   I'm almost afraid to say it, because that just means the universe is going to throw a curve ball at me right?? 

So sorry for a less than exciting update, but I swear things are boring!  I'll bring you much more fun updates soon when I can't see my feet or roll over in bed because I'm too huge.  Deal?