The Magic of Ikea

Remember when I shared some pictures of our dining room chairs?  And at the end of the post, if you had been paying attention, you would have realized I had no idea what to do with the wall behind the table.  At the time I was hanging cards on it, utilizing three screws that were already in the wall when we moved in.  It kind of worked, for then anyway, but it definitely wasn't meant as a permanent solution.  

After a while I finally figured out what I wanted on that wall, but it was only after a trip to Ikea, that I figured out how to make it work.  That's what I love about Ikea - you'll have an idea of something you want in your head, and sometimes the only way to figure it out is by a trip through Ikea.  In fact I think we solved at least 3 problems on this recent trip. 

Plus, Ikea means ice cream and sprinkles!  Wait, why are you looking at me funny?  Does not everyone carry sprinkles in their purse when they head to Ikea?  Is that just me?  Well the rest of you are missing out.  Plus I'm pretty sure the first time I did this with Tom sealed the deal on him asking me to marry him haha. 

Anyway, back to creating solutions.  While we were there we got a bunch of stuff for our new basement which we'll share in a future post, some things to keep our plants away from the kitten, and a shelf for the wall behind our table!

The wall was too big for me to try and figure out artwork for it, at least for now, so a long shelf that could display some photos seemed perfect!  I wasn't sure what kind of shelf I wanted, but of course Ikea had something that would work perfect. 

All I needed to do was figure out how high I wanted the shelf... enter my friend orange washi tape!

(don't mind the rest of the mess in that picture - we obviously have multiple projects going at any given time)

In the end I think it turned out perfect.  It finally fills up that big empty wall, and gives us a chance to display some more pictures.  Of course it caused a new problem, like the need for something to divide the living room and dining room wall a bit, but we'll get there.  For now I'm just going to enjoy our new shelf.  

And yes, about half of those frames are still empty/needing pictures.  Some day...