Winter Wonderland Wedding


This past weekend we went to a different kind of winter wonderland.  Instead of celebrating first birthdays, we were celebrating a wedding!  

It's been a while since I've been at a wedding where I wasn't in the bridal party (or the bride!) but this one was so much fun (and less stressful!).  It was weird, because for the first time we had to worry about who was watching the tiny human we'd brought along with us, but luckily some planning ahead of time minimized that problem as well.  

The hardest part of the weekend (and I use that term loosely since we stretched it a bit) was the travel.  It's always a toss up how a baby is going to be in the car.  Sometimes he's great, sometimes he's not, but no matter what he'll get sick of it after a few hours.  Knowing that, we broke up the driving in chunks to make it easier.  We stopped at a random hotel on the way up, and took lots of breaks the rest of the drives.  After 16 hours of driving, I'm pretty sure no one is happier than E to get out of that car.  

Once we were there, though, the weekend was amazing.  I secretly always wanted a Christmas wedding, so being invited to one was a close second for me.  I loved all the decorations, fireplaces everywhere, and over the top Christmas trees!  (Seriously, someone explain to me how they got that one tree in the stairs...)

We had some down time before the actual wedding, so we had fun exploring the area, playing games, eating some treats, and trying out the pool (more on that later).  We didn't manage to catch a movie, but if we ever find ourselves back there, it will definitely be a selling point. 


The actual wedding was beautiful, Brooke's reading was awesome, and Dan and his lovely bride Carly looked stunning and were beaming all weekend!  I'm so happy for them both, super excited we get to claim Carly as part of our family, and totally jealous of their honeymoon right now!  

Of course I'd be lying if I didn't say my favorite part of the wedding was sneaking E into the reception (okay it wasn't that covert, I did have permission from the bride) in his tux onesie.  He loved the crowd and the attention, and I loved having something to do with my hands! (ha, only half kidding).  

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