Our Home, Christmafied

I've pretty much always been this crazy, but all of a sudden I'm getting some wicked encouragement.  Not only has Tom proclaimed multiple times that THIS is why he married me, but E certainly seems to appreciate it as well.  Which only has me dreaming about what else I can decorate in this house, and how to add more lights to the outside of our house without buying a 40' ladder. 

The weekend of Thanksgiving has always been decorating weekend, and this year was no exception.  Two trees went up, lights were hung, stockings were pulled out, and I went crazy with a couple of sticker decorating kits.  We also managed to do some baby-proofing of our fireplace, so it was also a partly practical weekend. 

This is the first year that I haven't had a real tree, and while I'm a little sad about it, I'm also okay with not having the mess and trouble of a real tree with a 6 month old at home.  Babies are exhausting.  And he can't tell the difference.

And now for a million pictures.

The little Rudolph is one of my favorite new decorations.  It was pretty much bought with E in mind, but he's super cute, it's probably just an excuse.

Another favorite of mine is the snowmen on the doors.  The "Let it Snow" wall will look a lot more festive if I get to hanging up our Christmas cards on that wall haha.

20171125_201425 - Copy.jpg

And finally I'll leave you with one more tree picture:

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