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DiPesa Fence Wilmington MA

Remember when this was a wedding blog?  

I will admit that the baby posts are way cuter, but I'll interrupt your regularly scheduled E updates for something we haven't done in a bit - a house update! 

Tom and I always have a long list of things we'd like to do to the house.  Improvements, changes, tweaks.  Some are small, some are huge, but we've basically created 20 years of projects to keep us busy.  We've done some small things lately - like get our office a bit more squared away to work from home in.  But this falls under the bigger category.  At least when it comes to appearance.  

We built a fence!

And by we, I definitely mean the team of guys that did all the actual work.  I pointed and described and nodded and they delivered.  

It seems like such a small change - after all it's not even a completed fence - but it makes all the difference to us.  It won't ever keep a dog in the yard, but it does create a nice visual barrier of our land, and makes things look so cute and tidy. 

DiPesa Fence Split Rail

I can already tell it's going to make our yard feel more usable with the barrier between us and the road, and I can't wait to put Christmas lights on it! (It's amazing this hasn't happened yet).

I told Tom this made me feel way more adult than having a child or being married.  For some reason, deciding we wanted something, and then hiring someone to build us that something felt like the definition of adult haha.  

So don't mind me, I'm just over here admiring my beautiful, beautiful fence.  (I even sound old talking about it!)

Split Rail white vinyl fence

Okay fine, one baby thing:  E's monthly video is updated on his page!

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