Just Like His Dad


I know they're not trying to drive me crazy every time someone asks "Hey, has anyone ever told you that E looks JUST like Tom?" but after you get that same question at least once a day for the past 6 months, it gets old.  It gets really old when you hear it multiple times in a day.  Throw us in a crowded room and I'll probably hear it three times in under an hour!  

I mean I can't get too mad - I totally get it.  Those dark eyes and that hair line.  They're pretty cute together.  I'll just be over in the corner grumbling about being the one to sacrifice 9 months and 29 hours of labor for a baby that looks nothing like me.  

There's still hope that he'll take after me in some other way... but after this weekend here's one more thing to add to the Tom column:  swimming.  

I'm joking, mostly, since there's no way to really know how much E liked the pool, or how much he'll like it in the future.  But there were no tears, so that's already a check in the Tom column.  In the next year or so we'll make plan for E to take actual lessons (with Tom of course - you couldn't pay me to do it), so until then, we'll just keep slowly introducing him so he gets used to the water.  


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