Seven Months

Nick Names: The Bubba, Bubba-bee
Height: 26+ inches (Estimated because no doctor's appointment)
Weight: 18 pounds
Head: 17+ inches
Special Outings: Wedding in Lake Placid, VT
Visitors: Linzy, Drew (wedding party represent!), Jill
Loves: Taking baths, bubbles, silly songs and noises, broccoli and avocado
Hates: Getting his face/nose cleaned, being tired, the end of meal time


Is it weird I think you haven't changed that much this month?  You obviously have, but in small ways.  You've gone from being able to hold yourself in a crawling pose for a few seconds if we put you there, to able to get in that position yourself.  You've tried some more variety of foods, and you even went swimming for the first time.  But for once, I don't look back at your last month update and wonder at how you've become a totally different person again in the course of a month.  

We've reached the point of life where our survival mode when you were a newborn seems so long ago, almost like a dream.  You're actually sleeping through the night now, and it's so wonderful, I don't know how we could ever go back to the way things were.  It's less survival, more fun.  Our Christmas week together was just so. much. fun. 

You laugh, but more accurately, you cackle.  You have such a loud, distinctive, burst of laughter, it's contagious. Some times we can make it happen if we try being silly or surprise you in some way.  Other times it's completely random, and we're left wondering what you found so funny. 

You're such a part of our family now.  It's not so much that we wonder where you came from and stare at you with amazement, it's more we can't remember a time when you weren't here.  It seems odd that our family used to exist without you at the center.  We had the opportunity to go to a movie, just me and Tom this week.  And at the end all I wanted to do was go squeeze you.  And so we did.

You're exploring food more, still trying to figure out this crawling thing, and are totally rocking the sleep lately.  You still love people, watching the cat, and going to school.  I'm starting to see small things in your behavior and personality that remind me of myself.  I think you're ticklish.  If I touch the back of your neck, your shoulder automatically goes up, and you scrunch up.  It's the same thing I do when Tom touches the back of my neck.  An involuntary twitch because it tickles.  When you're falling asleep you scrunch around on your stomach, moving back and forth to find your sweet spot for sleep, and the other day Tom and I realized that I do the exact same thing.  Small hints that you might actually have a piece of me in there too. 

When you're cold, unhappy or scared you've started doing this thing where you clasp your hands together in one big fist and pull them up to your chest and rock back and forth.  It would be so cute if I wasn't trying to quickly fix whatever it is that was making you unhappy. 

You've met a lot of family members this month that you hadn't met before.  You're such a charmer, and you loved them all and immediately won them over.  You constantly amaze me at how well you handle new situations and people, especially considering how much you love being home and sticking to your routine. 

You are simultaneously the most exhausting and amazing thing that has ever happened to me, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 


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