Six Months

Nick Names: Bubba, Bubbabee, Ohhshh smoshhh
Height: 26.25 inches (27th percentile)
Weight: 17 pounds, 8 oz (47th percentile)
Head: 17 inches (41st percentile)
Special Outings: Daycare Halloween Parade, Daycare Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving in Cohasset
Visitors: No one!  
Loves: People and faces.  Trees.  Being outside.  
Hates: Hats and winter clothes, Being tired.  Still. 

*Height, Weight and head measured on 12/05/2017 - about a week late


I'm going to admit that this one snuck up on me.  For some reason I thought it was next week?  And I swear I just switched from telling people you were five months to five an a half months yesterday.  As you get more fun and easier to take care of, the months are passing quicker and quicker.  Maybe it's the holidays and all the excitement and fun things we've been doing, or maybe it's just life speeding up.  Either way, I don't have your 6 month pictures done, even though weeks ago I had planned to do them Sunday.  Like I said, this caught me off guard!  So for now I'm posting some that I quickly did last night while you were tired and counting down to bedtime (sans pants!)

Boy have you learned how to do a lot this month.  In that sense, it seems like so much more than a month has gone by.  You FINALLY can suck your thumb easily whenever you want to (although you prefer to chew on it or play with it, popping it out of your mouth).  You can pick up your pacifier and put it back in your mouth, even turning it around as needed.   The doctor we saw when you were sick this month proclaimed you 'very advanced' for mastering that already.  Go you.

You're also able to sit up now!  I feel like I haven't made a big enough deal about it, because it happened so randomly - you couldn't and then all of a sudden you could.  But it's awesome and such a big milestone.  It makes you seem infinitely older, and yet makes things so much easier.  We went to church and you just sat there playing with toys the entire time and didn't make a peep.  Game changer. 

You can't crawl, but we can see you making strides towards it every day.  You can push up on your arms now - they're getting stronger and stronger every day.  And if we put you in a crawling position, you can hold yourself up for a while before collapsing.  You weren't able to do that a few weeks ago.  

You've had your first solid food this month too.  You've had green beans and carrots and seem interested.  You'll grab any water bottle I try to drink from, and will do the same to my food if I let you get too close to my plate.  Everything is yours to explore now.  

The funniest addition this month is your ability to blow raspberries.  ALL THE TIME.  Driving home from daycare - you blow raspberries.  Taking your picture - you blow raspberries.  At Thanksgiving.  Meeting new people.  I feel like I'm forever explaining what you're doing and why, but it's hilarious.  

You are so much fun lately.  I love playing with you, helping you explore new things, and making you laugh.  I will do pretty much anything to make you laugh.  I used to think I had a limit when it came to goofy things, but nope.  You have total control over my will.  You want me to dance and sing silly made up songs and let you stick your finger in my ear, go for it.  The only time you are not impressed with me, is when I attempt to blow bubbles.  We'll leave that for cousin Brookie, okay?  

I'm still amazed that you're here and part of our family, but I'm so glad that you are.  I can't wait to show you what Christmas is!!


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