It Was a Good Weekend

Today's not a great day, for various reasons.  The obnoxious thing is I'm no longer certain of my own feelings - am I really upset over something, or is it being amplified by my hormones?  I used to hate it when people claimed their hormones were affecting their emotions because it seemed like BS to me.  It didn't happen to me.  

But post baby, it seems like it might be.  Or maybe being a mom has just make my emotions more raw, more on the surface.  Totally possible.  Either way, it's an adjustment. 

So as I get through this not great day, I'm looking back on a weekend that was really good.  Awesomely good.  Like cranky baby came out of his wonder weeks leap and was in such a good mood, good.  Didn't think about the fact we couldn't send him to daycare for 5 days, good.  Really enjoyed every minute I spent with him, good.  And that doesn't happen all the time, so I'm going to acknowledge it.  Because it's awesome.  


(And just in case you're wondering, I did not shove his bib in his mouth -  he did that himself.  He likes to chew on it haha)

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