Art for Grabs


E's school is great at getting him doing arts and crafts.  Sometimes it's pretty passive (ie someone paints his foot and uses it in some artwork) and sometimes they actually hand him paint and let him get dirty.  It's awesome. 

I'm aware that we're going to collect A LOT of artwork over the next few years.  I've bought a storage system, and I plan on photographing everything he makes so we can make books of his artwork, but there's no way I can keep it all.  

So if you'd like to help us out here, you can volunteer to be a regular receiver of artwork!  We'll definitely keep some of his stuff, but for the things we don't keep, I figure I might as well pass it along.  My plan is to hang everything up as we get it home, and then send it off to family and friends to enjoy.  And once they're done enjoying it, they should absolutely throw it away without feeling guilty.  I promise not to tell. 

I can't tell you what you'll get or how often, so if you're okay with that, let me know!  Otherwise, I'll post stuff here from time to time, so no worries - you'll still get to enjoy his random art projects haha. 

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