The Bad Pictures

My boss made a comment to me recently.  "Make sure you get a few pictures of E crying too."  His point was that they'll remind us of how far we've come and all the rough times we went through, but also that they can be hilarious. 

It's true that we focus a lot on the cute and happy baby pictures.  But one of the reasons that my boss and I work so well together is that we have the same sense of humor.  So although I don't always share them, there are plenty of "bad" pictures.

Sometimes after a long, rough day with a screaming baby, you just have to laugh and take a picture.  And so I do. 

So if you're someone who likes all the posed pictures, this may not be the post for you.  But if you're someone who sees a child covered in spit up and your first thought is to grab the camera, scroll on...


Sometimes when E is upset, I can try to snap a few pictures, but they come out pretty blurry.  An upset E is a frantic and flailing E. 


Nights can be exceptionally hard, and sometimes E isn't super patient when it comes to changing into PJs before we put him to bed...


Oh and I wasn't joking about the spit up covered baby.  I have a few spit up covered Caitlin photos too, but I'll spare you from those.  E has this habit of spitting up or sneezing and then faceplanting in the mess.  It's always super fun when he gets it in his eyebrows or eyelashes.


Sometimes after a long day, I'm right there with him.  A lot of these were taken to send to Tom when he asked how our day was going.  Just being honest!


And for those of you who like the posed and nice pictures, we try.  Sometimes they just don't always work out the way we think they will.


This was baby's first trip to Home Depot.  He wasn't too sure about it.  He might be more of a Lowe's baby. 

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