Some Videos of E

I love my pictures, but every once in a while you need a video.  And sometimes the videos are so cute I don't want to wait until the end of the month to share them.  So here's a couple of videos from this past weekend that capture our "right now."


Sometimes we have to get creative if we want to eat a meal and E wants our attention.  So the other day after I made lunch for us, Tom pulled out the bumbo to see if E would sit while we ate.  He was okay for a little while, but then got bored.  We kept trying to give him his rattle, but he'd just throw it back at us.

So then we put it on his foot.  Kind of as a joke, but E spent the next ten minutes trying to pull it off.  Which mostly involved him slamming his arms down and getting upset that he couldn't grab the rattle.  He is so annoyed that he can't move the way he wants to.

Speaking of being mad that he can't move the way he wants to... E really REALLY wants to be able to crawl.  Or walk or run or jump.  In his mind he has planned out exactly what he wants, and then gets so upset when his body won't quite do what he'd like.

Lately he's been trying to move across the room during tummy time.  And this is what happens.  Butt in the air, feet moving, and face and arms just getting pushed around.  He's had various degrees of success with this.  In this video he doesn't move too far, but every once in a while he manages to actually move forward a few feet. 

Don't tell him, but we're okay with him not being able to move so well for now..

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