Holiday Expectations


As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I became obsessed with future holidays.  They'd be so much more fun to experience with children!  When Easter rolled around, I was so jealous of friends who had babies already.  I felt like I was missing out!  

And so I set my sights on Halloween. We'd have a baby and it would be amazing.  I couldn't wait to make it fun.  

And now it's here... and I'm kind of stuck.  I don't have as much energy and free time as I did when I was pregnant, so anything we do needs to fit in the time we have.  And costumes?  I imagined this to be SO FUN.  The reality is I kind of hate every costume I've seen.  Things I want just don't exist, and the options we have just seem so boring.  Not special enough for our FIRST HALLOWEEN!

The good news is E doesn't really care.  It would actually be easier if he did.  If he could come to us and say, I want to be a pumpkin, then I would totally make him the pumpkiniest pumpkin there is.  But since he can't tell me that, dressing him as a pumpkin just seems so expected. 

And now that I'm a parent, I'm realizing there's a whole other side that comes with holidays.  Before Halloween was awesome and candy and trick or treating and costumes and FUN!  Now I see stomach aches and rotten teeth and cultural appropriation and food allergies and holy cow there's so much more to worry about! 

So this might be a trial and error Halloween.  Sorry E, but by being our first child, you become our guinea pig for figuring out what we actually want to do.  


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