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So lately I've been updating some of the pages around here, but I realized that's a bit useless if I don't tell anyone about it.  So I apologize for the break in normal updates and cute baby pictures, but maybe some of this information will be useful! 

Pictures and videos

You may know I have a link for pictures in the blog navigation bar.  Maybe you've clicked on it before and didn't see much there.  My goal is to update it a bit more frequently, and I did that recently.  If you haven't seen, the Choose Your Own Adventure is up and running (because who doesn't like 90s throwbacks?), and I've added a new E category.  You can find a compilation of his monthly milestone pictures here, or on his main page I have some recent pictures along with VIDEOS!  Yes, although I haven't really been advertising it, I've been throwing together all the random video clips we take throughout the month, and posting them to this page.  They may be one of those "only parents are interested in these" things, but it is fun to go back and see how much he's changed in the past few months.  This month's video has a lot more babbling in it! 

About Us

You probably already know a lot about us if you're reading this blog, but I did update the "Our Story" tab, as it was quite outdated.  Although it was nice to look back and see what we'd written as our future goals and realize we'd accomplished a lot of them (Trip to Chicago, buying a house, having a baby!)

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You also may have noticed at the bottom of blog posts now there's a link to a couple other, older posts.  The algorithm isn't perfect (as in sometimes it links to the post you're currently reading...) but it's occasionally a fun way to see old posts you may have missed or forgotten about.  It's kind of like a timehop/facebook memories function to me - I can remember what I was doing pre baby!  


Curious about something?  Looking for something you saw once and want to find again?  Just looking to browse?  This is a good page to start.  You can search by keyword or click on a specific month and see all posts from that time.  


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Emails will go out the day after I publish a new blog.  Make sure to check your spam folder the first week - you may need to mark "not spam" or add the from address to your address book or list of safe senders.  Afterwords it should be easy - let me know if you can't figure it out!


Cute Baby Picture

Okay you didn't think I was actually going to go a whole post without a baby E picture, did you??  Here's a picture of E sucking his fingers after falling asleep in the car on the ride home from daycare.

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