Five Months

Nick Names: Bubba, Bubba-bear
Height: 25.5 inches (as measured at home, since no doctor's appointment)
Weight: 16 pounds (as measured at home)
Head: Pretty round
Special Outings: Solo trip to VT with Caitlin, Pumpkin patch, Trip to Burlington VT to see Linzy, Raina and Zaida
Visitors: Jill, Tom's Parents
Loves: Rattles, funny faces, bouncing/shaking, airplane, looking out the window
Hates: His weak arms, being in the living room after 5pm, being tired


Rolling, rolling, rolling...

This month has brought a lot of new experiences.  On your four month birthday, you rolled from your back to stomach for the first time, which meant no more night swaddling for us.  That involved a good week of adjustment while you got used to having hands and tried to decide if you wanted to sleep on your back or your stomach, but I think we've finally adjusted.  If anything, it's been a good thing because you're a great sleeper now.  We can put you down for a nap alone, and you're getting really good at putting yourself to sleep.  All wins!  Now if only you'd drop some night feedings, we'd be golden haha. 

And while you love rolling, and flip to your stomach as soon as we put you down on your back, you still haven't really figured out that you can roll multiple times to get across a room.  (Although you did roll twice in a row this morning, but I think it was on accident).  You'd love to be able to crawl too, but your arms just aren't strong enough.  But once they are, watch out! Because you definitely have the idea down, and if your body would listen, you'd be off.

You're loving toys these days.  We've had to find things more exciting than your infant toys to keep your attention, but when we do, you get SO excited.  You love rattles and things that move, but you do hit yourself in the head with hard rattles a lot.  Stop doing that.

You're still happiest when you wake up in the morning, and your are babbling non stop.  On our recent trip to VT, Tom and I had to often pause our conversation because you were SO LOUD in the back seat.  Trying out new sounds and volumes, you were having fun exploring your voice.  Daycare says you're chatting more there too, which to me means that you've fully adjusted and become comfortable there.

You've started smiling at me when I pick you up at daycare, and tracking me across the room.  It's way better than the indifference I used to get when I'd show up. 


You've also tried food for the first time this month - to varying degrees of success. It's still only an occasional thing (we've tried 3 times now), but I think you're starting to understand the process and are slowly getting excited about it.

We've also had our first experience with fevers and other contagious daycare germs, but as always, you're happy as ever.  I've actually been able to predict illness by an unexpected good mood, extra cuddles, and no nightly meltdown.  You definitely handle it better than your dad...

Every day it's amazing to watch all the things you can do now.  You're becoming less and less a blob, and more a person.  Who moves and plays and has moods and preferences.  You have your favorite stuffy and toys and you love watching your kitty.


*New month picture posted here*

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