The Best Door to Ever Door

From the minute I saw our house, I knew it needed one thing - a painted front door. 

The house is beautiful, but the light color of the siding combined with a stark white door was too washed out.  I'd been watching the trend of brightly painted front doors for a while now, and been waiting until I could follow suit.  I'd had dreams about a bright cherry red door, or maybe a happy turquoise.  Unfortunately neither of those colors would look great with our house.  Instead, another color was screaming out to be chosen. 


Royal, beautiful, purple.  We'd actually had the color picked out for a while, but I needed to wait until I had a day that wasn't too humid, wouldn't rain, and I had enough courage to put an extremely bright color on a very white door.  That day wasn't appearing during our weekends, so I recently took a random day off work so I could get a few projects done around the house.  Included in that list was this door. 

I will say, that starting this project was extremely scary.  Dipping a paintbrush in a bright color paint and putting it on a pristine surface feels wrong.  Like I should be looking over my shoulder for my mom to yell at me for writing on the walls.

How to paint a door
Paint a door purple

And there were definitely some moments of "oh my gosh what have I done!?" as I was getting started.  It looked horrible, but there was some promise there.. some potential that what I was doing might turn out okay. 

So I stuck with it (I mean what other choice did I have at that point??) and boy am I glad!  It turned out better than I could have imagined.  So pretty.  So perfect.  So right.  Just look at how happy it is!

Purple front door painted
House with purple front door

It makes me smile every day when I drive up, which is exactly what a front door should do!