Our Anniversary: The Paper Edition

So you know we spent our anniversary in Chicago, but that was part vacation, and part anniversary.  What did we do that was anniversary specific?  I'll give you a hint, it involved breaking out our wedding shoes!

We realized that the last few years, we've had some pretty good documentation of our relationship and where we were as a couple.  Two years ago, we were engaged.  And we got some great photos taken in the city where we met and fell in love.  We rode a carousel together and started a tradition that has us riding them in different cities across the country. 

Last year, we were getting married.  We have some amazing pictures to capture that moment, surrounded by the people we love the most.  They were energetic and exciting and captured the light of the moment. 

This year, we've officially been married for a year.  We wanted to again document where we are, and do something that felt like us.  So off we went in our wedding shoes to explore a new city and have some fun together.  There weren't any carousels, (that day anyway, we did find one later) but there was a playground!  I think they summarize perfectly where we are: a bit older and wiser, but still having fun together.  

And then to top off a perfect anniversary, when we got home we had anniversary cake!  No, not the top tier frozen and eaten a year later (gross!) but a brand new cake, made by the same people who made our original wedding cake.  If you ask me, that's a much better (and yummier) tradition to start!

We'll also be spending some time looking back on our past year and talking about what we'd like our next year to look like, where we'd like to go, who we'd like to spend time with, and what we want to accomplish as a couple.  

Happy anniversary to us!