Close Enough

Flamingo is a sculpture in Chicago, created by Alexander Calder (Calder Red is named from its bright color).  It's an awesome statue, one that I remember from a previous visit to Chicago.  One morning on our recent trip, we were wandering the city when we found ourselves near it.  I steered us over to the area so we could wander around it and see it up close.  

"Will you take my picture?" I asked Tom. "I'm going to get up on that block and try and look like a flamingo in front of the statue." I hopped up and did a modified yoga tree pose, balancing carefully, while Tom took my picture. 

"I can do that," he told me. 


"That.  The thing you just did.  I'm going to do it too."

"That exact pose?" 

"Yup, just watch me!"

"I'm doing it! Take my picture!!"

Eh, close enough.