Date Night

Date nights for us used to look like reservations at a fancy restaurant, meeting up after work, and heading out all dressed up to spend a few hours talking over multiple courses of a meal. Lately, various complications including shifted working hours, longer commutes and busy schedules have meant that it's been a while since we've had a night like that. 

So instead, we've been taking dates nights when and wherever we can find them.  Recently, that meant date night at a local furniture store after shopping for desk chairs.

I know that sounds odd, but for anyone who's ever been to a Jordan's furniture store in the area, you know it's actually not that bad.  We have one about 10-15 minutes from us, and it offers an IMAX movie theater, a restaurant, ropes course, ice cream shop, and a display of liquid fireworks.  

What are liquid fireworks?  Well they're really just a lighted display of water fountains, but they are pretty cool, and they do sort of photograph like fireworks.  We've walked past them before, but we've never really sat down and watched a show, so the other night we decided to grab some ice cream and watch for a while. 

From Queen to Ricky Martin, the music was fun, the show was amazing, and the best part was watching all the little kids running around and shrieking every time they got wet.  The show is actually designed by the same company that makes similar displays for Disney World, Universal Studios and Busch Gardens, so we're actually really lucky to have something like this in our backyard. 

Seriously, check it out for yourself below.  For some reason I only recorded the Latin music part of the show haha