Weekend Plans

"Hey do you have any plans this weekend?"

Oh I don't know... I feel like there's something around here that I need to do... what was it... ? 

Oh right. Unpacking. For years. 

To be honest, this room will probably look like this for a while.  Most of this stuff can't be unpacked until there is a place to put it, and that means that we need to buy some furniture and set up some rooms and closets first.  

And sometimes, you have to make things worse before they can get better. Yesterday Tom asked me to put sheets on the bed.  Sure, that's easy enough.  But for some reason I looked under the bed first, and noticed that one of the legs wasn't completely set up right.  And next thing you know I have the entire bed pulled apart and I'm unscrewing things and putting them together the correct way, because nothing can ever be easy.  

I sent Tom this picture and said "This is what you meant by making the bed, right?" haha whoops!  The good news is by the time he got home, the bed was fully made and put back together.  

One thing crossed off the list!  Only 738 more to go...