The Least Exciting Before and After Ever

Seriously, I warned you. 

It's also not the biggest transformation, either.  Our yard is still dead.  Which is maybe not even a strong enough word to describe the current state of our yard.  You might need to add a few additional words:  Crispy.  Hay.  Dirt.  Sad.  Dead.  That might more adequately cover it.  

However, one word that you cannot use to describe our yard (at least currently anyway), is WEEDS.  Because they're gone!  Pulled up and thrown out!  Goodbye stupid weeds that seem to be the only thing that can grow in the midst of a drought!  

Lawn before and after

I'm sure they'll be back, but at least it gives us something to do while we wait for it to rain.  In all honestly, we've pretty much accepted the fact that our lawn is a lost cause for the year.  It's probably not worth too much effort right now, and in September we'll re-seed it, give it some love, and hope that next year it looks a bit better.