Small Changes Make a Home

It's not going to happen overnight, I know that.  Instead, we've been talking about a timeline that is more years than weeks or months.  Dramatic revels and shocking before and afters are fun, but not exactly realistic when you both work 40+ hours and are trying to stick to a budget. 

So instead we dream and we plan and we make lists after lists after lists. We buy a table but no chairs.  We buy door stops and garbage cans and a rug that will match our couch that we will buy one day, but for now we sit on one that's 8 years old.  But each step is intentional, and each step is 100% us.  

One such change that was implemented this past weekend (with some help!) can be seen in the picture below: 

What, you don't see it?  Are you distracted by our beautiful squinty faces?  Or were you expecting something monumental?  I told you it was small!  Maybe this picture will help you a bit: 

Hanging plants!  Beautiful and brightly colored hanging plants! (That I hopefully won't forget to water...)

We also have one between our garage doors.  It's such a small change that makes an enormous difference.  I smile when I see them every day when I come home.  To me, flowers and plants really help to claim a house as a home.  And a bonus to these plants hanging outside - no kitten can climb up and eat them!  

By the way, isn't that a beautiful (and definitely not fake or photo-shopped in any way) lawn??  Yes, we're super proud of it. Best on the block. Just, er, don't come by to see it in person.  Or scroll up to the first picture in this post.